I turn and stare at my beloved as she floats down the aisle; angelic, pure and everything I imagined she would be. She looks breath-taking in that white dress and at that instance my eyes well up but I stand tall, so she can see me to be the man that I am. I can’t wait till this evening when it’ll be just the two of us. I know she is smiling understanding the love and fire in my eyes. I have waited for far too long.

I will start by describing her to you;
My Beloved, she is not what you call a regular lady…….
She is not one of those girls you call skinny; she is buxom, ladies and gents.
She has a bust that can swallow up an insecticide can….
Her waist is not as thick as a full grown iroko tree neither is it as slender as a stripper’s pole.
Her hips………… oh lala! (Pardon my French) I cannot describe, you have to see for yourself……… words elude me when I think of her beauty…….
When she smiles, it takes away every fear and distrust I have for the woman kind, because with her, things are different……….. She is loving, caring but strict (don’t let her catch me with Vodka before 7pm), her laughter is like a thousand angels singing in my ear.
Did I forget to mention her lips? They are the colour of rubies; I have wished to kiss them for so long, now that time comes.
Her eyes tell a tale of love, a tale only she and I live for……. her nose? A cute button, the Lord put on her face.
She has dark curly hair that form ringlets when she lets them down…..
My friends say “She is not all that you have described” pardon me gentlemen………. to me Beloved is a priceless gem…… and anything priceless is worth more than a mere description with words.
My Beloved pardon me if I haven’t done a good job here……………

I am smiling because I can see the passion in my lover’s eye, my eyes drop and what I see makes my heart flutter in anticipation. With every step I take towards him, I fall deeply into his spell. A spell I never want to be broken.
My lover, may I describe him to you?
He is dark chocolate and I know deep inside me that our mixture will bring forth a wonderful cocktail.
He is not tall; but I don’t care, I may tower over him, to me he is a stud.
His toned muscles, always keep me wondering and waiting for that perfect time when my arms and hands will be all over them counting ridges and valleys. His aura makes me feel safe……… and I’m no longer afraid of the unknown, he is with me.
God has blessed me and I am truly grateful
Anywhere my lover leads me, I’m willing to follow because I trust him, silver and gold can’t be compared to him, even sapphires or pearls or diamonds or crude oil don’t reach him.
My love for him is as wide as the waters of the Atlantic and Pacific. Even the hills of Moriah cannot keep me away from him, I breathe him every day.
Pardon me if it sounds like I’ve made an idol of my lover……
It is just that I love him so………. and my mouth cannot be sealed.

Evening has come. My lover and I are finally alone. He stands before me bare, his chocolate skin tempting every bit of me to take a bite. This is the first time I am seeing him like this. There is something rising from the pit of my stomach to my throat; my mouth waters and I believe it is passion. My body temperature is rising and I shift uneasily on the bed. I close my eyes and swallow as I hear him move towards me. He takes me in his hands, pulls me up from the bed to him and strokes my hair; I press my body hard on him, my head on his chest, uneasy and not knowing what to do. It is my first time. He knows this.
I can feel her fear mixed with rising passion and it sweetens my stomach. My hands go to her back, gently unzipping her dress. I step back a little and help her pull the dress off her shoulders. It falls to her feet and she steps out of it. I stare at her, my buxom lady. She is beautiful. My passion is great but I have to calm myself down. This is her first time and I want it to be special for her. I want her to experience and enjoy my love for her.
I stand before my lover clad only in my underwear. Thank God, mummy chose the perfect pair for me (God bless her). My legs feel rubbery and I’m a bit shy what will he think of me. I look from his face down to his waist line and I know he thinks of me beautiful. I smile sheepishly and move my eyes back to his face. He moves towards me, takes me in his hands and removes every barrier that will keep me away from him. My mouth waters as I feel his skin on mine. I kiss his neck, his chin and then his neck again. I drive my tongue slowly from his neck down to his chest. I can feel his breathing get deeper and faster as my tongue makes little zig-zags on his skin, he tries to raise his hand to pull my head away from him as his passion mounts but I quickly hold his hand down not allowing him that freedom. I want his urge to triple; I want him to go mad with passion. I can feel moisture between my legs it feels warm and sweet.
My beloved is killing me with sweet passion. Her tongue on my skin sends sparks of lovely electricity. I guide her towards the bed.
Our love making is the one found only in dreams. I cannot share that part of our intimacy with you. It is for the both of us only. But as I look into her eyes as she lies next to me, I know she is content and satisfied. She is smiling in love.


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