Boy | Man [Open Letter]


My name is Aris Treu.

I am not the fastest man alive. I cannot leap over tall buildings in a single bound and I definitely do not have the ability to read people’s minds even though I wish I could. I can’t.

Who is Aris Treu? If he is not all the things listed above.

Well I am a divorcee, a brother to 3 manly men, a gamer, programmer, procrastinator, budding financial guru and now blogger “go figure”.

I have dabbled in writing a few times and have gotten myself to write a couple of things (not yet published, mostly in a diary or notepad on my phone) and these are usually my darkest and dirtiest secrets/thoughts that invade my mind during moments of weakness; so when MyOeuvre approached me and begged yours truly to add my manly ethos to her creative space, I was like why not.

What am I going to be writing about? Seriously I don’t know, more seriously I am going to be writing a couple of posts about me dealing with everyday stuff. I will take you along on this very personal journey of mine to becoming the perfect man. I am by no means there yet and  I am still growing that is for sure, you will be witnesses to my follies, my embarrassing moments, deepest thoughts and desires, plus some free advice if required “personally I don’t know if I am qualified to do all this, you might be better off just talking to a psychiatrist” but that is what I am going to be doing.

When I said “Wow this seems like a lot I wonder how I am going to do all this! Why did i accept this young lady’s proposition?” My friend Paul aka “the motivator” said “ Think happy thoughts! You can do it!

Whoa!!! Who is Paul? I guess I better tell you about my friend Paul and how I met him. Paul is the kind of guy that comes into work on a Monday morning and “shouts happy Monday everybody!” always enthusiastic.  Of course he is. He has got the car, the house, the looks and the wife. He seems to have his shit together (pardon my french).

Paul is a cool dude; we are the same age, we work in the same profession and most times have the same problems but where I falter Paul succeeds, where I stop Paul continues, Paul is willing to go where no man has ever gone before and he is my best friend. You are going to be hearing from him as well (majorly through me).

So stay tuned and watch this space for more stuff from me, I believe this is the beginning of something big and with your help it’s gonna be awesome.

Best regards,

Aris Treu.


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