Do you need to drink more water to get great looking skin?

There are so many people nowadays who are evangelists for water. My mum is top on that list. She is an advocate for water drinking. It is her go to advice; she sings the water mantra every day.

Me: “Mum I feel so down and tired”

Mum: “Drink water”





She will say “It will clear up your skin, your lips are too dry, they are chaffing you need to drink water”.

I will roll my eyes or insist that I have been drinking water, knowing that I have not.

Another evangelist is Gabrielle Union who constantly has pictures of her gallons of water grace her Instagram page, she is always singing the praise of water and all the benefits she has been rewarded with.


Gabrielle Union

Jennifer Aniston is also a top preacher for water guzzling, she even engaged in water shaming in this interview with PEOPLE, calling people out for not drinking enough water and saying they are being utterly lazy. (this is me paraphrasing, ani-fans please don’t crucify me)

jennifer anniston

Jennifer Anniston

As with all things in life, we know that where there are pros there will always be cons. In this debate of water drinking there are those who believe that drinking buckets of water does not provide all the benefits and mind blowing rewards that pro water drinkers are raving about.  they insist that gorging water down your throat every other minute and believing that this will improve the texture of your skin, hair and has some anti ageing benefits is the thing of fantasies.

They also have research backing the theory that excessive water drinking does nothing to the skin. A 2002 paper published in the Clinics in Dermatology Journal supports this claim and concludes that the fad of drinking excessive water to keep skin hydrated and looking healthier is totally hogwash (this is putting it in my words). They went further by writing that they have found no scientific proof for the famous recommendation.

While I might believe there is no scientific proof of drinking water for good skin, I certainly believe that there are non-scientific proofs of drinking water. These are my thoughts:

  • If all these gorgeous woman above are singing its praise this must be something worth trying (They are over 40 and look absolutely amazing).
  • I know that drinking water does help get rid of toxins in the body, you are likely to use the bathroom frequently therefore removing waste from your system.
  • Drinking water helps keep away infections from UTI (Urinary Track Infection) to the common cold.
  • I have also noticed that when I drink water, my lips are not as chaffed as they normally are. (Thank you Mummy)

I am definitely joining the band wagon and jumping on that horse. Yes. Most definitely.



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