My book of the month is David Copperfield by Charles Dickens.



It follows David as a young boy all through to his manhood. It is a gripping tale of life, love, friendship and the connections he makes on his life’s journey.

I had read David Copperfield when I was younger but decided to go back to it in my adulthood because it is just one of those stories I enjoyed.

My favourite character in the book is Aunt Betsy Trotwood, Why?

She is marvellous, eccentric and outspoken. At a time when women were considered to be the weaker of sexes, she emitted strength, intelligence and good discernment.  Although she seemed mean and cold-hearted in the beginning of the story, when she left the Copperfield  family without  word for years to follow. We found out that she was the gentle-lest of people and was a great believer in people’s dreams.

It is one of the classics and I encourage everyone to read it. Share your thoughts below on what you think about the book.



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