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Writing for a fashion blog can be all too daunting, especially if you’re someone who thinks they are stylish but believes they are not that extraordinary; or maybe you disagree.

Being stylish should be a personal thing, an understanding between you, your body and the piece of clothing that encases you. It should be a tale of this communication. It should tell a story, it could be any story, it doesn’t matter.

Everyone is stylish; it could be the way they wear a tee shirt, or the way they tuck their jeans in their boots or their colour of lipstick. Style has different definitions; it could be classy with structured jackets, little black dresses and pointy shoes; it could be feminine with frills and laces, soft pink and pastel colours. It could also be retro with the shoulder pads, statement sunshades and bright red lipstick it could also be rock with leather jackets, metallic belts and crazy boots. You define style and not the other way round.

A friend of mine defined my style as being edgy, classy and feminine, a hybrid and that it pushes the boundaries. My style is me; it is who I am, who I’m comfortable in, what I’m comfortable with. It is that sensual feeling I have when I stare at myself in the mirror when I’m ready to set my foot out of the door. It is the smile that hits my lips, the confidence that pushes my head up high to face the day. It embodies me. It is the same thing I saw mirrored in my mother’s face when I watched her each morning dressing up when I was younger.

My mum is the most stylish woman I have ever known (I know, I know, everyone says that) but let’s be honest it’s really the truth. The way she put pieces of clothing together it was an art; her jewellery pieces were a statement, even when she didn’t have enough money she still knew how to wear something that looked like a million bucks when she put them on. I wanted those jewelleries, I still do. I would stare on, admiring, watching her like a hawk, learning her ways so that one day I could be like her, beautiful, confident, and perfect.

I am far from these things, I still have a long way to go but with baby steps I’ll get there and hopefully my daughter says the same thing.

I wasn’t a style beacon when I was younger but I did like to dress up and as the years have gone by, I think I have evolved, grown and accepted what I am. Mummy says this too haha!!!

I feel stylish when I have a blazer on and some weird shoes I know no one will buy.


What about you? What do you feel most stylish in?


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  1. Linda Onu
    19/10/2015 / 7:43 pm

    As an older person, Style for me has to be comfortable but effortlessly chick and classic. I feel stylish during winter when I have my boots on and a massive snood as an accessory.?

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