Everybody wonders about the day they die. The day, they leave earth and never return. Will it be a rainy day or a bright sunny one? Will our clothes be of rainbow colours or a… View Post

That weirdo down the street with his beady eyes and bushy brows that are way too high, keeps peeping at me through the cracks in the curtains at number 14. My breath increases as blood… View Post

I regret not knowing what I know now about love, a few years ago.   If I did, I would have slapped Timothy (fictional name) when he first made that ridiculous proposition, but what did… View Post

I used to write because I was sad, it was a medium that could take me away from where I was, to a place where I could control my emotions. A place where I could… View Post

I was lonely and desolate; all alone in this home of ours called Mother Earth when love came my way. “No!!!” I told love, “I’m ok being miserable and lonely, I don’t need you” But love wouldn’t budge. It… View Post