Wardrobe Classic: The White Dress

Just like the black dress, the little white dress stays high up in my list of must haves. I think of the white dress as purity, grace and class; a perfection if you think yourself a princess (batting eyelids…) but it can also project sexiness, bombshell and confidence. I didn’t know this when I was in secondary school and had to wear white every Sunday, to me Sundays were the days to leave your school uniform and day wear and  put on something else that didn’t have stripes or check.  Anyways back to the white dress.


Source: AllPoster.com

Source: AllPosters.com

My mum loves Marilyn Monroe, to the point that when she had to pick a name for her baptism class, she chose Marilyn. I do love Marilyn in the white dress for the movie the Seven Year Itch, I haven’t watched the movie but I have seen that dress scene everywhere, that dress (wiping my forehead) is stunning as well as those legs, ok focus!!. What I have seen is Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct; to me she was an epitome of sexiness and seduction.


Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct

I love white, so having a few white dresses in my closet is an absolute must, if I go into a shop, I always wander to the white dress section, it’s like an addiction or maybe my mind or heart just can’t say no to white. I love white shirts too but that’s a story for another day. Do you guys think it’s a psychology thing? Am I pushed to the color white in order to project some hidden feelings inside me? Maybe I want to be seen as perfection, maybe it’s the thought of being recognized as fresh and clean, sigh!!! But in all these, the white dress is a statement piece, so if you don’t have one in your closet, go get yours now or better wait for payday so you can get as many as your heart desires hahaha!!! just kidding we do need to be prudent with our spending.





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