what to wear this autumn?


As temperatures plummet and the sun does not come up until 7am, Our leaves have started changing their earthy green colour to cinnamon brown and are gradually falling off trees. We are being pulled towards our warmer clothing, we pack away our short shorts and tiny tops and pull on our thigh high boots getting ready for the spooky spooks of Halloween.

Do you know what I love most about this time of the year? The layering. I can pile on all my tops and not look like a scarecrow, my knee length boots come out to play. The long stocking look are a hot trend at this time of the year but it doesn’t mean that strappy heels should be forgotten. I am of the opinion that if you are well layered in warm clothing, you can show some feet skin.



I am in love with earthy colours this autumn, Army Green, Mustard Yellow, Greyish Brown, Rosewood and Burgundy Wine. I am trying to go for a mix of colour this year. I am evolving from my niche black and white outfits into more colourful and more vibrant clothing. I want to be daring, exciting and different and I want my clothes to say this for me.

I got this pair from Next, they have got a good line this year. The shoes are from OfficeI love this shoes, they are bold and beautiful. I love the colour, I love how they look with black tights on, I love how they pop. Naturally they are not what I would go for but now I am hooked unto them. They are comfortable to wear all day. I am now on the hunt for other colours, fingers crossed I get some very good pairs.


Pairing your Jumper with a tiny skirt is a never go wrong move, you look less bulky if that is the look you are going for. I absolutely love this look, totally up for it this autumn.





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