Why I Write

I used to write because I was sad, it was a medium that could take me away from where I was, to a place where I could control my emotions. A place where I could bare the voice within me. My space were I could throw all to reckless abandon. And I wrote it all down, thoughts wants, aspirations, dreams, everything.

I was a painfully shy girl, a sad girl, like an ogre with layers. There were so many to shed and I did all that each evening with my words. It was my space, my moment and I had no care at all.

I’m a little happier now; no longer that moody and brooding girl; still filled with insecurities but a lot more confident.

I write now because I believe I have a story to tell. I believe there’s a lot more to my life than just waking up in the morning. I believe I’m here to make a difference with my words, a difference to myself and to you. I write because that it is what I am. An embodiment of words, strings of sentences carved together. I write because I breathe. I write because I love. I write because I hurt. I write because I’m me.

To fully understand one’s thoughts is to fully express one’s inner self.

I write to make a difference in my world and in the world of others. I write to make peace within, I write because that’s the only thing I believe I can do. I write because talking to myself is the only way I can get to know me. I write to let go. I write to smile.

I write because it tells my story; I write because I want to inspire, I write to hold the truth in my heart.

I think it’s a deeper thing I think all along its something I have always wanted to do; to have a say, to have a voice

Why do I write because it is the only way I can speak my mind, to say what’s truly deep within. Sometimes I cry when I write sometimes I laugh; sometimes I write so I can be happy I write so I can smile

Why do I write? I write because I want to be known I write to beautify myself I write to let go of pain; I write to hold pain.

I write to capture the moment, to capture a feeling I want to remember.

I write because that is the only way I know.

But writing doesn’t always come easy. How do you put random thoughts on paper to make sense of it all? How do you tell a story that captures the very moment you want to portray? How do you write? How do you talk

Why do I write? To put a feeling in your heart.

Life has a tale and I’m here to tell it.


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  1. Bimi
    17/11/2015 / 5:38 pm

    can’t wait to read about your tales, i believe they are going to be inspiring and entertaining

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